imageAs reported by Computerworld. A Russian hacker named Kirllos has put up 1.5 Million hacked facebook accounts for sale in an underground black market forum. That is 0.3% of the total 400 Million facebook accounts.

Hacker was selling these accounts on a Russian forum called “antichat” (screenshot above). The thread was removed later. In the thread hacker also posted some of the hacked email addresses and passwords of Facebook accounts that you can try out. If you try to login with these accounts most of the passwords don’t work. And those that are working are accounts that are recently created. According to a reliable resource, these hacked user accounts doesn’t look stolen but are created by manpower or bots.

If you login with these accounts, they have incomplete profiles, unrealistic user activity, only couple of friends (mostly 1 or 2) and other things that will convince you(if you are a true facebook user) that these accounts are fake and are created with bots or manpower just for spamming. Although Facebook hasn’t said anything about it yet. He is selling them at very low cost that is $0.025 per account. As reported by Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, email credentials generally sell at prices between $1 and $20.