by on May 24th, 2012

Listening to music on your phone is the norm these days. And iPhone or iPod Touch is the most admirable device for listening to music. The bitter truth of digital music is, not everyone buys it legally. But can you legally get or listen to music, either it is from the top charts or from other random artists, for free on iPhone? Yes you can! There are a lot of apps that allow you to listen to free music legally. Not only that, they have pretty cool ways to let you discover new music while you enjoy it for free. Here is a list of 30 best apps for iPhone that you can use to listen to music for free and do so much more! You can follow artists, you can share the music and discover new music as you go!


image by ivifield

(The following apps are listed in no particular order. All of them are also available for the iPod Touch and most of them for the iPad)

by on May 22nd, 2012

Don’t you just love infographics? I do. Whenever I come across one, I wonder how much time and effort was put in to exhibit well researched information so beautifully. This info graphic by displays Apple revenues, profit and it’s global reach.

According to the info graphic, Apple has 110 billion in cash and can afford to buy Nokia, Twitter, Adobe, etc. Its not shocking to discover that 75% of Apple’s revenues are generated by the sale of iPhones and iPads and that 30% of smartphone users in the US use iPhones. 67 million and counting iPads have been sold since their launch. I wouldn’t have  imagined that out of 600,000 apps on the Appstore, only 18% are games. A little extra peace of information says that 1 in 5 cosumers in China want a Mac. Who wouldn’t?!

by on September 21st, 2010

VLC player has been around for quite sometime and most of us are quite familiar with it. Its an open source media player that plays almost any video format. The traffic cone player is one of the most convenient and light weight multi-platform video players. It’s been available for absolutely no cost for a long time and now you can download it for your iPad free of cost. How cool is that?

by on August 26th, 2010

cafe world

Ok! I admit it. I play one of those annoying Zynga games. I’m pretty much addicted to Café World. I know I’ll eventually get over it, like I get over any other games I tend to get hooked to. I don’t play it because I enjoy cooking all these different dishes and because I care about my restaurant ratings. I play to figure out how to make the most money and how to make my Café look awesome. Have a look at my cafe. I command you to agree that it’s awesome Smile with tongue out Ok let’s talk business(virtual) now.