TechRadar reports that Google Android phones are outselling Apple iPhones in US so far in 2010. This shows that Google is selling more phones than Apple.

G1vsIPHONE _v1

image via ZDNet

Google Android has gained 27% of market share in the first 6 months of 2010 whereas iPhone has 23% share. Right now, Android phones like Motorola Droid X and HTC Evo are selling rapidly in US.

Why Android:

Android is an open platform and there are over 60 Android phones in the market to choose from. Each phone has it’s own specialty with respect to hardware and UI. iPhone is limited by it’s hardware and access to private APIs (if you don’t jailbreak that voids warranty)  whereas Android devices offers a wide range of hardware and the OS is completely open for developers.

The price also matters, some Android phones are more affordable than iPhone 4 like the Samsung Galaxy. With the price range that Android offer makes Android phones better than many brands like Nokia and Windows Mobile 6.

Favorite vs Popular:

Android is popular but not favorite. The features that iPhone offers are very impressive. The iPhone App store is a lot better than Android Market. Actually Android’s market sucks as compared to the iPhone App store. iPhone developers get more value because of the Apple developer program that offers better protection against piracy and the App store. Other than that, there are better developer tools available on Mac for iPhone development and there exist a lot of success stories of developers making millions of dollars via app store. This makes iPhone more favorite for software publishers. iTunes is another reason that makes iPhone management very easy. There are more and better apps available for iPhone than Android.

iPhone 4 is available with only one kind of hardware but is the best. The HD video recording, editing via iMovie and other features like FaceTime, Gyroscope and Retina Display etc makes Apple iPhone 4 the most favorite.

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