According to Patently Apple, Apple might be thinking of bringing it’s MagSafe charger technology into future portables devices such as the iPhone or iPad. The patent, first filed by Apple in June of this year and published on October 7th 2010 by the US Patent and Trademark Office, shows a device similar to Apple’s iPad with a new type of Power Port, which Patently Apple alleges resembles MagSafe connector.


MagSafe is a technology first introduced by Apple back in 2006 in Macbooks. Technically speaking, Magsafe is not a Port. The Power cable is connected with the device through Magnets.

The biggest advantage of MagSafe is that the cable can easily be disconnected from the device with a slightest pull without causing the device to fall. This is also helpful in eliminating the risk of deformation of the power jack or the failure of solder joints within the device.

[via TUAW]